Register for the Conference

Member Meeting

Registration for the member meeting, beginning with lunch at 11:30 a.m., continues through Monday, November 11.

Please note: This registration is in addition to registering for the annual conference and will be used for the closed members’ lunch buffet to be served in advance of the general session.


The agenda includes:

11:30 am  Buffet Lunch / Registration

12:15 pm  Welcome and Remarks - Doug Florkowski, ICAHN President

Annual Business Meeting of the Network

1. Call to Order / Approval of Agenda - Doug Florkowksi, ICAHN President

-Welcome new members and discuss 2019 work of the Board

2. Approval of the October 29, 2018 Minutes

-Treasurer's Report, given by Alisa Coleman


Old Business

1. Final Report on Building Project / Capital Campaign


New Business

1. Nominating Committee Report, including election of Board, Chair, and Officers

2. Discussion time for member concerns and voicing ideas


Committee Reports

1. Quality, given by Angie Charlet

2. Education, given by Amanda Basso, Chair, and Kathy Fauble

3. EPRN Committee

4. Issues Committee, given by Annette Schnabel, Chair, and Don Robbins, Co-Chair

5. Regulatory and Legislative Committee, given by Randall Dauby, Chair, and Pam Pfister, Co-Chair

6. IRCCO, given by Greg Starnes, Chair, and Trina Casner, Co-Chair

7. Trailblazers, given by Pam Pfister, Chair


Executive Director's Report

1. 2019 Year in Review, given by Pat Schou
2. Strategic Plan (2017-2019) moving to (2020-2022)

ICAHN Recognition Awards

1. ICAHN President and Special Awards
2. President's Closing Remarks
3. Business Meeting Adjournment

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