Annual Conference Schedule


DAY 01: ​ November 13, 2019

1:30pm - 1:45pm // Chancellor

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Pat Schou, Executive Director & Doug Florkowski, Board President

1:45pm - 3:00pm // Chancellor

Keynote Speaker: Joe Mull, Healthcare Leadership Speaker
Sponsored by TAG Communications, Inc.

A Video Message from Joe Mull >>


The Topic:  ‘No More Team Drama' (powerpoint not available)

Gossip. Infighting. Complaints. Cliques. Drama is what occurs when team members aren’t given the tools or support they need to rise above stress, selfishness, and disagreements. Team drama wreaks havoc on organizational health. It damages morale, productivity, engagement, and retention. Drama leads to customer complaints, lost revenue, and a talent exodus. It also sucks the life out of every manager it touches, monopolizing their time, and obliterating their spirit. Joe Mull’s “No More Team Drama” program will help you transform your employees into a band of collaborators committed to working hard, getting along, and wowing customers.

3:00pm - 3:15pm

Break / Refreshments - Sponsored by ARHPC

Entertainment Preview presented by "The Funny Magic Guy" Rob Thompson - Sponsored by Nationwide Prescription Connection and Senex

  Afternoon Presentations  

Afternoon: Primary Presentation

3:15pm - 4:00pm // Chancellor

Keynote Speaker:

Eric Shell, CPA, MBA, Chairman, Stroudwater -

The Topic:  'Evolving Healthcare Environment: New Collaborative Approaches to Meet New Market Demands'

As the payment system continues to evolve from volume to value, the functional imperatives required for rural health systems to be successful have fundamentally changed. New collaborative approaches are critical to address these changes. This presentation will discuss evolving market changes and provide examples of collaborative approaches used successfully in other rural communities.

Marketing Track Breakout

3:15pm - 4:15pm // Alma Mater

Marketing Track Speaker:

Cheryl Powers, Founder, The Research Edge

The Topic:  'Strategic Planning

Without Marketing Isn’t Strategic'

Marketing’s contribution to strategic planning begins with knowledge of the patient experience and your community’s perceptions of your hospital. Learn about your peers’ perspectives on current marketing expertise, skills, and connections to the planning process and the gaps that exist, based on a pre-conference survey taken by ICAHN hospital marketing leaders and CEOs.

4:05pm - 4:45pm // Chancellor

Speaker Panel: Recruitment and Retention: The Real Story, moderated by Joann Emge, Sparta Community Hospital, and Pat Schou, ICAHN Executive Director

Mark Kuhn, CEO, Hammond Henry Hospital

Sue Odle, CEO, St. Joseph Memorial Hospital
Andrew Buffenbarger, Chief Compliance Officer, Kirby Medical Center

4:45pm - 5:00pm // Chancellor

Announcement of the 2019 Hospital IMPACT Award 

and the 2019 4 under 40 Hospital Leader Awards

and the MBQIP Awards

Evening Reception - Sponsored by Legato Healthcare Marketing

5:15pm - 7:00pm // Illinois Ballroom Lobby

Exhibitors, attendees, and award recipients are invited to attend the ICAHN 2019 Annual Conference reception. Guests will enjoy a light buffet with hors d’oeuvres, and complimentary beer and wine.

Entertainment is sponsored by Nationwide Prescription Connection and Senex, and will be provided by "The Funny Magic Guy," Magician Rob Thompson,

DAY 02: ​ November 14, 2019

7:30am - 8:30am // Illinois Ballroom and Lobby

Breakfast Buffet - Sponsored by MedPro Group

Exhibit visits and registration continues

8:30am - 9:30am // Chancellor

Welcome and Opening Session

Keynote Speaker: Karen Cook, RN, BSN, The Studer Group - Sponsored by nTHRIVE

The Topic:  'Creating an Environment of Trust Through Compassion' (powerpoint)


While every organization strives to deliver exceptional, trusted, safe, patient-centered quality care - do they really? Can we honestly say that every patient would say their experience is one they would definitely recommend to their family and friends? Are the employees and physicians "proud" of where we work and of the results achieved? And perhaps the most important, is compassion a platform for all interactions? 'Compassionomics' is the scientific evidence that caring makes a difference. A consumer's perception of quality at an organization is impacted by moments of truth - those moments that form an impression. This session will build skills in compassionate communication and the behaviors and processes that lead to a culture of higher clinical quality and reliability, safe and efficient care delivery, and operational excellence from the patient, employee, and physician perspective. Participating in early focus groups with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality on the development of the HCAHPS survey, Karen Cook is the co-author of The HCAHPS Handbook. She is one of the first coaches to join The Studer Group, and she has been an RN for over 39 years.


  Board Governance Track  

9:35am - 10:05am // Lincoln

Session #01: Top Ten Strategies to Build an Effective Board

Presented by Stephen T. Moore, Partner, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP 


Even the most talented CEO and management team can fail without an effective Board. Multiple effective strategies must be deployed to select and develop Board members who support management in establishing and achieving organizational goals. This presentation will outline key drivers of success in developing an effective Board and will encourage the sharing of experiences of all attendees. Participants will:

  • Identify top drivers of Board effectiveness

  • Identify strategies for building an effective Board through interactive discussion

  • Take-away specific action plans for improving Board effectiveness

10:10am - 11:10am // Lincoln

Session #02: The Importance of Data Strategies for the Rural Hospital Board

Presented by Ralph Llewellyn, CPA, CHFP, Partner, Eide Bailly LLP


Financial and operational success is not guaranteed in the rural healthcare setting. Healthcare is a process where stakeholders need actionable information to be successful and deliver effective patient care. Even talented leaders can fail if they lack the information to make the necessary decisions in a timely manner. However, existing data collection systems are complicated and that can lead to confusion. As systems of record, they sometimes can miss the mark when it comes to helping teams learn. This session will explore an improved path to engage teams, drive success, and help healthcare board members and leaders perform at higher levels with more confidence. Learning objectives of this session include:


  • A discussion and understanding of data noise compared to actionable information

  • Discover how visualizations can help with the consumption of data so it can be actionable

  • Review with us the difference between dashboards and systems that build operational intelligence

  • Learn how to mobilize data in organizations to build successful teams

  • Understand the importance of your organization’s data strategy as it relate3s to the success of leadership

11:15am - 12:00pm // Lincoln

Session #03: Community Health Needs Assessments:

Their Potential to Make Your Hospital a Community Champion Presented by Terry Madsen, ICAHN CHNA Consultant


2019 brought the end of the third round of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) process mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The initial doubts about the impact of CHNAs on critical access and other small hospitals that prevailed nearly 10 years ago have been replaced by evidence of positive change. In many places, actions based on the implementation strategies from CHNAs have moved hospitals from community partners to recognition as community champions. This program will discuss programs, projects, and initiatives developed by ICAHN members in response to CHNAs. ICAHN’s CHNA consultant will explain some of the trends in CHNAs, and two member CEOs will share solutions initiated within their communities, outside of their facilities, that are changing the quality of life. Participants will:


  • Understand longitudinal trends in issues impacting health and wellness

  • Learn how others have looked beyond their facilities to impact local health while improving the community’s view of their hospital

  • Learn how hospitals and ICAHN can work together to develop reasonable solutions to community needs

  • Understand the importance of regular lines of communication with their communities to better understand and address community health concerns


  Marketing & CEOs: Session #01  


9:35am - 10:25am // Select One


Marketing Track Session #01​ // Quad

Jennifer Bender, Director of Marketing for a ‘Top 20’ rural community hospital in South Dakota for three years running

The Topic:  'Marketing Plans for the Small, Smart, and Savvy'

Marketers at small and rural healthcare organizations have FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to data, trends, and resources. Fear not! During this session, participants will learn tips on how to plan marketing around your organization’s unique competitive edge. Discussions will touch on the barriers marketers encounter at small and rural healthcare organizations; conceptualization of ideas to help you create value for your organization; and take-away tips to develop effective marketing plans.

General Session Option #01 // Alma Mater 

Joe Hinton, Action Learning Coach, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

The Topic:  'What Works for Health: Igniting Action in Rural Communities.'

This session will explore evidence-based strategies that are proven to improve health in rural communities. Attendees will examine how to select the best strategy and move to community action. Participants will be encouraged to think broadly about the factors that influence health, focus on community needs and assets, and choose the right policies and programs for your community.

General Session Option #02​ // Loyalty

Scott Treida, CPC, MT (ASCP), Director, Blue & Company

The Topic:  'Chargemaster Compliance and Revenue Capture’

In today's world of regulation and specialized coverage rules, maintaining an up-to-date chargemaster, or CDM, with trained staff can be a significant challenge. This presentation will help critical access hospital leaders understand best practices for effective CDM management. We will also discuss revenue capture opportunities and strategies for mitigating compliance risk.

General Session Option #03 // Chancellor

Kathy Jordan, Founder/CEO, Jordan Search Consultants

The Topic:  'The Millennial Multiplier: How to Recruit, Engage, and Retain the Burgeoning Physician Population'

Millennials are expected to account for 75% of the workforce by 2030 – many on track to be in medicine. This increase is good news at a time when there’s a shortage of nearly 105,000 physicians by 2030. Thus, for older generations responsible for attracting, retaining, and mentoring this workforce segment, understanding the millennial mindset is critical. To successfully recruit, engage, and retain millennial physicians, healthcare systems must ask the right questions.

  Exhibit Hall Visits  

10:30am - 11:05am

  Marketing & CEOs: Session #02  

11:05am - 12:00pm // Select One

Marketing Track Option #01​ // Quad

Beverly Neisler, CFRE, HSHS St. John’s Foundation

The Topic:  'Healthcare Philanthropy 101'

In today’s healthcare environment, leaders are seeking ways to understand how philanthropy works – from managing the donor relationship to how to make the “ask” and beyond. This session will discuss the importance of philanthropic support and will provide the necessary tools to increase participants’ knowledge in the areas of how to approach potential donors, conversation starters, how to make the philanthropic ask, and what’s next after the gift has been made.

General Session Option #01 // Loyalty

Dr. Keith Mueller, Gerhard Hartman Professor of Health Management and Policy, College of Public Health, University of Iowa

The Topic:  'Continuing on the Road to Value'

Critical access hospitals will continue to best serve their communities by participating in new programs and finance models that advance intrinsic value for their communities. Doing so requires adaptations by CAHs and their partners, including clinicians and community-based organizations. This presentation discusses the realities of the policy environment and pathways to change.

General Session Option #02​ // Alma Mater

Rhonda Stringfellow, Senior Manager, TruBridge Education and Development

The Topic:  'A Well-Trained Staff is Your Best Tool'

Hospitals around the country struggle with efficiency in the revenue cycle as well as training new employees to work at their highest level. This session will discuss how TruBridge, a leader in revenue cycle management, harnessed the power of training to produce results and sustainable return on investments.

General Session Option #03 // Chancellor

Chad Larson, Executive Director of the Hospital Accreditation Program, The Joint Commission

The Topic:  'Overcoming Quality Issues in Illinois Critical Access Hospitals'

By learning what critical access hospitals have specifically struggled with during the accreditation process, participants can use the information presented to take back to their facilities and see if they are in compliance or need to make some improvements. Because there are portals and tools available to help with key issues, such as environment of care, Illinois hospitals should feel confident they can tackle compliance issues for everyday patient care.

12:00pm - 1:00pm // Various Locations

Lunch Buffet - Sponsored by Consociate / Ironshore / Vizient Insurance Services LLC 

Exhibit visits plus give-aways

Lunch Room Sponsors and Locations:

HIV Care Connect / IPHA - Humanities
Adkisson Search Consultants - Knowledge

Tech Electronics - Innovation


TAG Communications Inc. - Quad (marketers session) "Is Your Website a Target for Litigation?"

1:00pm - 2:00pm // Chancellor

Keynote Speaker: Alan Morgan, MPA, CEO, National Rural Health Administration
Sponsored by The Joint Commission

The Topic:  'A National Rural Policy Perspective'

This session will cover national trends, policy, and legislation impacting rural healthcare, including new delivery models of care as well as payment models.

2:00pm - 3:10pm // Chancellor

Keynote Speaker: Sarah Marie Curry, Performer

The Topic:  "Improv Skills For Work and Life: Fun, Fast and Flexible’'

If we had enough time, information, and resources, we would all be amazing at our jobs – and enjoy them thoroughly. But in the real world, we are all working under the gun, having to move forward without all the information we would like or the support we need. How can we learn to perform better under these circumstances and even maybe start to enjoy it? By becoming an improviser! Shana Merlin, at Merlin Works Improv says, “You improvise every day. Why not get good at it?” With all the laughter from interactive exercises, it will be hard to tell that you are actually discovering how to work more harmoniously and efficiently, be more present and positive, communicate better, and ultimately build on others’ ideas.

3:00pm // Chancellor

Closing, evaluations, and final prize give-aways

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